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Want to meet new runners in your area, maintain fitness or start a new path to fitness?
Runners and Walkers of all levels are welcome to join us.
Run at your own pace, no pressure to compete.

Who are we ?
Saturday run location – Click picture for full map
Bayside Runners and Walkers are a social group of like-minded people who love to set out for a run or walk. We are all age groups from 2 to 70+.

We meet EVERY Saturday morning at Les Moore Park on Wilson Esplanade, Victoria Point (see map on right) at 6:00 am for a 30 – 50 minute run/walk. As our 5km path is out and back, you can turn around at any point and shorten the distance if you wish. We are just content to get together and run/walk.

We always make sure that every member is back before we head off for to the local bakery for a coffee and a chat. There are also many mid week runs organised by various members, especially those training for an upcoming event.

Please note that in keeping with Covid restrictions the following rules apply for all sessions
  • Participation in club activities is a personal choice, we will all respect any individual’s decision to participate, or to not participate, at this time.

  • A register of attendance will be kept of all participants in any organized club activity for contact tracing purposes. Names of members will be sufficient. If there are non-club members participating, their names and contact details will need to be kept. The person organizing the activity has the responsibility of taking the list of participants and forwarding it to the Club Secretary. The registers will need to be kept for 28 days.

  • Social distancing, non-contact, hand-washing, and respiratory hygiene, rules all still apply.

  • If a member feels unwell, they should not participate in any club activities and should seek appropriate medical treatment.

  • All members are encouraged to sign up to the COVID Safe App.

  • Members are to comply with any requirements at post-run cafes and bakeries, including registering their contact details via the QR code apps.
Les Moore Park

Am I fast enough to come along?
Everyone is welcome and we are of all abilities. Some of us like to walk, some like to jog along and enjoy the conversation and some are running sub 4 minute kilometers. Many are training for events from 5km to the Marathon and beyond.

Come along and meet people just like yourself. Positive people who enjoy being outdoors and participating. Without doubt you will create a whole new group of friends; we all have.
What does it cost?

Your first run or walk with us is free. Come and have a chat and a coffee afterwards and see what we're all about.

If you like what you see (and we're sure you will!), then we ask you to join BRW, which has an annual fee of $25 for individuals. The annual fee for families with 1 or 2 adults and any number of children is $70.

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